Titus Severus


Titus Severus is a tall, severe figure, shaved bald and robed in the black, hooded cloak of a Vaticinator of the Cult of Augurs. He wears simple sandals and a leather wrap around one forearm, and rarely carries any obvious equipment (although the voluminous folds of his garment make it easy enough to conceal small objects…and coin).


Severus was a freed man in life – a former slave who had educated the children of a noble senator and found himself released on the occasion of his Domitor’s death. Schooled as a child by Greek academicians, he always knew how to make himself useful…until his days of service came to an end. For the first time in his life, he found himself without instruction, and turned
to drink instead of plying a trade.
A sheltered servant no longer, Severus learned the hard lessons of life in Rome’s slums. He suffered beatings, robbery, and ridicule at the hand of foreign-born rabble. He was shunned by the educated free men for his drunken behavior and derided by his fellow drunks for his high-minded talk. One night, under a heavy rain, Severus fell into an alcohol-hazed sleep in the gutter, and never woke to see the day. Instead, when he once again opened his eyes, he
found himself dead, underground, among horrors. At first he believed that he’d passed into the underworld, finally slain by some footpad on the street. A fellow Worm told him that he wasn’t that lucky…he was one of the Vermes now, the undead creatures of Necropolis. None would admit to being his sire. At first, he was put to work digging tunnels with the rest of his brothers.
Eventually, though, due to his ceaseless chatter about the ways of the Gods and the myths of old, he was directed to the Cult of Augurs, who took him in and gave him his new purpose.

Titus Severus

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