Sextus Petronius Aquilinus


Roman born and brutishly strong, Sextus Petronius Aquilinus cuts an imposing figure. He’s nearly six feet tall – a rarity in this time and place – and his expression is one of near-permanent, detached disdain.
He is completely hairless, and his skin is a grayish, sickly hue. He has the body of a life-long warrior, and the scars he bears on his leathery arms and back tell the tale of several battles fought…and laws broken. Aquilinus almost always wears the matte black armor of the Legio Mortuum and displays his weapons without shame or decorum.


Sextus Petronius Aquilinus was once a lowly mortal soldier, serving with the Legio XVI Flavia Firma in the East. His life was that of a faceless member of the multitude, undistinguished and unnoticed. He died in battle, somewhere around 250 CE.
What he remembers of the aftermath is now a confused jumble of dream-like images. All he knows is this: something shadowy seemed to grab hold of him as he pressed his hands to a mortal wound in his side, feeling the life flow out of his body. He saw death and chaos all around him, and a blinding, stinking miasma seemed to claim him, dragging him down through the soft earth and away from the battle.
When he next awoke – from sleep or madness, he knows not – it was 302 CE, and he was in Rome. He has no idea how he got there, and no idea who Embraced him – indeed, if he was Embraced at all. He rose among the vermes, and was just another Roman Nosferatu, grubbing in the low tunnels.
His power and battle acumen brought him quickly to the attention of the Legio Mortuum, and he was recruited.
He has served with honor and dignity ever since. Two years before the chronicle begins, he was assigned to patrol one of the territories of the Peregrine Collegia, and came to know many of the Kindred there. He befriended Cornelia Alba and Vergilius Ambustus, and has become involved in their pursuits.

Sextus Petronius Aquilinus

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