Julia Aurelia

Julii, familia Romana (noble). El Senex


Julia Aurelia is a thin, pale, young-looking native of Rome, born to one of the noble families of the Empire. She is of the Julii, both in life and undeath, and the marks of the clan are clear in the shape of her nose and the line of her jaw. She walks and moves with the confidence of educated aristocracy, maintaining a graceful, detached expression at all times.
She keeps her hair pinned up in the most modern style, and wears well-cut gowns of imported silk. She is always clean, always well dressed, and always ready with a word or a smile.


Julia Aurelia was a brilliant child, and she was afforded the rare opportunity to develop her
wit at a young age, under the tutelage of her attentive and intelligent parents. Encouraged by one of the family ancestors, her father allowed her to take lessons in subjects that were normally closed to girls: poetry, political history and theory, and logic. She thrived in schooling, eventually surpassing many of her contemporaries – by quick cleverness more than raw intelligence.
When she was fourteen, her parents began to cast about for a suitable husband. Meanwhile, the ancestor who took such an interest in her education – a vampire named Cassius Julius Vitericus – began visiting her in her chambers at night, quizzing her and provoking her to friendly argument.
He forced her parents to turn away several suitors, choosing to keep her company for himself. They began to plead for release, begging him to allow her wedding before she age further. He turned a deaf ear to them, realizing that the girl was becoming more important to him than
he expected – perhaps more than she should – and that he could not stomach the idea of allowing her to wed. After a few nights of intense consideration, he took his young descendant into Necropolis and Embraced her instead.
Cassius Julius Vitericus introduced his young childe to the Senex, securing her a seat in assembly by right of blood. Soon after her release, though, he began to lose interest in her. Something vital in her had faded after death, and it was something that he came to miss. He grew distant, and eventually stopped hosting her altogether. Realizing that his attentions had more to do with infatuation than with real interest, Julia Aurelia turned bitterly away from Vitericus, choosing to make her mark with or without his aid.

Julia Aurelia

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